My apologies to Grandma

Today is the all-kindergarten field trip to the zoo and aquarium.  Three kindergarten classes in the school, what’s that, like 60 kids?

The teachers requested several weeks ago that each child have a chaperone.  Probably something about keeping 60 hyperactive 6-year-olds safe and contained on the zoo grounds throughout the day.

I briefly considered taking a vacation day to go along on the field trip.


And then the school called on a random Friday at 9:30 in the morning to report ‘Zoey isn’t feeling well’.  Further questioning revealed no fever and no vomiting as of yet, and a lot of dead air as the not-a-nurse waited for me to say I would come get her.  Goodbye, 8 hours of PTO!  And then they changed the time of kindergarten graduation (conveniently scheduled on a Monday) from 2 p.m. (awesome, I can work most of the day) to 10 a.m. (are you f***ing kidding me?).  Goodbye, 6 more hours of vacation time!  Add to this the amount of time I’ve requested off this summer to save on my sanity and daycare costs, and that PTO bank is looking pretty meager.

And did I mention the nearly 60 kindergartners at the zoo?

Yeah.  I can barely keep it together to teach an hour of science on the Wednesday afternoons I volunteer in the classroom.  I am not your ideal chaperone.

Cue the phone call to grandma.

Grandma, I’m going to get off the computer now and pack you a fabulous picnic lunch.  I’m throwing in Valium and ear plugs and the fervent prayer that the zoo has a Starbucks just inside the gates.  Thank you for taking one for the team and volunteering to be Zoey’s chaperone today.  I owe you, big time.


One thought on “My apologies to Grandma

  1. A chaperone per KID??? That sounds ridiculous. Sorry to hear about the dwindling PTO….yesterday I sent my Mom to Will’s reading medal ceremony and play because I was going to be stuck in a pointless (did I say that??) meeting.

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