My 2012 Running Playlist

2012 is coming to a close, and I’d like to sum up my running year with a couple posts about the music I listened to and the races I finished.  I’ve been home with a sick kid all week and I’ve had plenty of time to reflect on how awesome my running year has been.  I ran relatively injury-free and was lucky enough to participate in some kick-ass events, INCLUDING a race in Washington DC, which helped me accomplish my New Years goal of this time last year, which was to go on some running adventures and enter races outside my hometown.

For today, I’ll share the tunes that kept me going on the rare occasions I ran solo and opted for music instead of a podcast.  This playlist reminds me mostly of our relay race in June, the Rainier to Ruston, my first relay.  I remember training for that race with this playlist, and I remember my team dropping me off in the rain at the start line, driving off in the awesome team van, and then I remember the cover of one of my ear buds (the left) popping off in to a mud puddle (never found it), plugging in to my music anyway, and running down Mt. Rainier as the following tunes kept me upright and grateful for the experience.  Enjoy the list.  Feel free to add them to your running list, and don’t worry, you know I won’t mock you.

1.  Brighter Than The Sun, Colbie Caillet

2.  Paradise, Coldplay

3.  Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You), Kelly Clarkson

4.  Let it Rock, Kevin Rudolf (a recurring song on my yearly running playlist, this was playing at the start line of my first ever half marathon, the Rock n Roll Seattle half in June 2011.  It now has earned a spot in all my running playlists.)

5.  Another Place to Fall, KT Tunstall

6.  Ho Hey, The Lumineers

7.  Bye Bye Bye, NSYNC (Don’t mock.)

8.  What Makes You Beautiful, One Direction (And don’t judge.  This is my overall favorite song of 2012.  There.  I said it.)

9.  Tamacun, Rodrigo y Gabriela

10.  Uncharted, Sara Bareilles

11.  I Won’t Back Down, Tom Petty

12.  (I Can’t Help) Falling in Love with You, UB40


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