Amy and the indoor track at the gym: an on-again, off-again relationship

Today I rekindled an old love affair.

That’s right.  After months of dreading my inevitable return to the indoor track at the Y, I found myself forced on to it’s surface due to my day off from work + Zoey at school + torrential Western Washington rain falling outside.  I’ve been eyeing the track for a few weeks now, usually on my every-Tuesday-evening work out.  Part of my brain remembers enjoying the endless laps I did on the track last winter, when rain and perpetual darkness forced me indoors.  However, the other part of my brain wasn’t QUITE ready to surrender to the turning over of another season.

But today I realized my wonky tan lines (too many varying styles of running tanks and shirts) from this summer and early fall have officially faded.  There are no more 2012 races to train for.  I’ve lost the lean look I always sport in August and September, the result of running nearly every day outside for months on end.  I could no longer satisfy my craving to pound pavement with spinning mindlessly on the elliptical machine.  I needed to RUN.

And suddenly, just like that, I was ready for another season on the track.

I had forgotten, until today, how pleasant it can be to loop around and around, keeping a mental tally of the laps, knowing that every six counts for a mile.  I eased seamlessly in to my indoor routine of run a mile, do a rotation in the weight room, run, weights, run, weights…I caught up on podcasts long stored on my iPhone and fell back in love with the sound of Ira Glass’ voice and the practical yet hilarious advice from the gals over at Another Mother Runner.  I dodged the wet spots on the track floor (always a section of leaky roof to be mindful of) and the elderly people pushing walkers or power walking while fist-pumping two pound weights.

Hello, my lovely indoor track.  I didn’t think I missed you, but it turns out I did.  It’s good to be back.  But as soon as the sun returns, have no doubt that I will drop you like a hot rock.


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