Autumn running

I feel like I should write something pertaining to running today, but to be quite honest, my running life hasn’t been so exciting lately.

With autumn here, my running life is less about training for races and more about sneaking in smaller, shorter routes whenever I can (read: whenever it’s light out and not raining too hard).  And, while I miss having the goal of a race lurking in the back of my mind, it’s also nice to focus on running for the sheer love of it.  I’ve had some gorgeous late-Wednesday-morning runs when the sky is beautiful blue, the air is downright chilly, and there are nearly five straight miles of kicking through crunchy colored leaves.  Amy and I are back to our routine of rainy Thursday afternoon hill runs after work.  This morning, we’ll head out for 8 miles in the freezing cold…time to dig out that ear warmer and find a pair of gloves.

Each season brings different weather and different running habits.  I know, now that it’s getting chilly, my weekly mileage will drop and I will probably start spending more time at the gym than I do outside.  And, while I am rather dreading the track at the Y, I know that in a matter of months, I’ll be back to my normal running routes outside.


2 thoughts on “Autumn running

  1. Love your blog…2012 has been my year for running…I’m loving it!
    Question: do you use a running watch? Any suggestions?
    Thinking it would be a great Christmas present for myself!

    1. Hi Korlynne! So glad you are loving my blog! I have a “running” watch but to be honest, it was a fairly cheap-o version I got at Sports Authority (around $80, not cheap necessarily, until you compare it to the Garmin…) and I wouldn’t buy it again. Now I wear it just as an everyday watch, and run with my iPhone strapped to my arm to keep track of my mileage. 😉 My least favorite “feature” on my watch is the uber-sensitivity to heat and/or moisture…the metal strips above the digital watch face read your heart rate when you place your finger on them, however, they read ANY heat/humidity as “wait, let me get your heart rate!”. This is particularly annoying when it’s sitting in the bathroom while I shower (steam! heart rate! I’m so confused!) or running through a rain storm (damp! humid! heart rate..wait…BEEP BEEP!!). Anyway. I’ve never owned a Garmin although I know of many people who swear by them. I guess it depends on how serious you are about running, as they are pretty costly and I don’t think they double well as an everyday watch. I’m perfectly content running with my phone set to my RunKeeper app! Happy running!

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