Here we go again

An extra day off today made my birthday week most relaxing and fun.

And it gives me time to do all the errands I would normally accomplish in a weekend, as Zoey and I are northbound this evening, along with Amy, so Amy and I (together with Carrie, and her sister, and my best friend Rikki, and many of Rikki’s friends) can take part in the Run Like a Girl half marathon in Bellingham.

It’s really a shame I haven’t run AT. ALL. in the past week and a half.

Good thing there will be something to look forward to at each mile marker of this race (I’ve heard rumors of Tiara Stations, Chocolate Miles, and–the one I’m personally waiting for–several fire fighters waiting to greet you as you cross the finish line).  Also, it’s a good thing it’s billed as a very casual, low-key race.  It’s not even chip timed.  The website recommends that if there’s a particular time you’d like them to yell out for you as you cross the finish line, just let them know shortly before you finish.  Sounds fun!  And interesting, and most likely painful, as I’m sure that jumping back in to the 13.1 game after nearly two weeks of nothing is NOT recommended on any professional training plan.

Maybe I’m not as nervous as I probably should be because I know I’ll be running with a group, and if I collapse, I’m sure they’ll all drag my body across the finish line.  Oooh!  Maybe the fire fighters will come rescue me….


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