I felt like I hit a training milestone on Saturday…my first (in quite some time) over-10-miler.

We set out from my house thinking we’d cover 10 miles.  But, as is so often the case, Carrie waited until I hit my runner’s high before dropping the hint that we might as well make this run 11 miles, because really…we only have a few weeks before You Go Girl! and we haven’t gone more than 10 miles in a long time…and I, endorphin-addled at mile six, cheerfully agreed.  It’s good that she plays the game this way.  If she waited until mile nine to make suggestions about adding on miles, I would surely laugh at her as I turned the corner for home, instead of another loop around the park.

I felt strong all the way up to mile 10.  Normally, when I have a running buddy at my side, I don’t pay close attention to the miles ticking by on Runkeeper.  Around mile eight, I’ll start glancing at it every once in awhile.  But by mile nine on Saturday, after clearing the killer hill twice (running all the way up and over once, and making it to the yellow sign on the second round), I was ready to be done.  I think I watched every tenth of a mile tick by on my phone.  It was all mental at that point, which makes me nervous for these upcoming half marathons on our calendars.  By mile 10, it’s all about what you’re telling yourself in your head.  I’m not sure I’m ready to tell myself, after 10 miles, that I still have a 5k left to go.

This is where I rely on my running buddies.  For that last mile and a half, Carrie’s voice ruled over the voice in my head that was telling me to just stop already.  “Come on Ame!  We’re almost done!”  We made it back to my driveway in just under two hours.  I felt spent, but relieved to know I could still pull off more than 10 miles.

Which is pretty much just how I want to feel after I run 13.1 miles on September 16.


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