3.4 miles of HILL

Thursday is hell day.  Excuse me.  Hill day.

Every Thursday after work, rain or shine, Amy and I ditch our scrubs and tie on the running shoes to head for the hills.  We start downtown in Puyallup at the library and wind our way up 94th, a killer steady incline.  Conversation dies off about halfway up, but that’s not the worst part.  It’s the sharp turn in to Woodbine Cemetery, at the top of the hill, that gets us every. time.  Because the cemetery turns immediately in to another, steeper, more daunting hill.  We always swear, as we meet at the library and start out, that this week we won’t walk at all.  Our mantra, saved over from last year’s You Go Girl! half, is always ‘even if it’s a slow-ass crawl, we will keep running’.

But that cemetery hill gets us every time.

Thursday is a tough day to run.  It’s the end of a long work week.  We spend our evenings ferrying kids to swim lessons and soccer practice and, oh, yes–running.  And families always need to be fed and, seriously, didn’t I just do laundry?  How is the hamper overflowing again?  There are plenty of Thursdays where one or the other of us tries to weasel our way out of the hills, but we always end up doing it anyway.  And, while it’s not a lot of distance, we always feel powerful when we’re done.  3.4 miles of hill after a long week is quite often more physically challenging than a Saturday 10 miler.  I may dread the hill…but when my sweaty, tired body hits the seat of my car back at the library, I always feel grateful I did it.


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